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Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at The Imitation Game premiere. [x]

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Benedict Cumberbatch—Best of TIFF 2014 part 2

part 1

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Via Urgh, breathing. Breathing is boring.


Benedict Cumberbatch for Dunlop [x]

Sherlock Holmes + Deerstalker

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And the winner is … - Hi-Res ! 2014 09 09 - Toronto - TIFF ’ The Imitation Game ’ Premiere Red Carpet by Jorge Rios

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Caption : Benedict Cumberbatch attends the ‘The Imitation Game’ premiere call during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. (Jorge Rios)




From Keira Knightley to , check out these STUNNING snaps from :


When prepping for the lead role in the film, Cumberbatch spoke to one of Alan Turig’s nieces to learn more about his character. “She said that he was an exceptional person to be around as a child,” Cumberbatch says. “He did fun tricks to make them laugh, like playing chess with his back turned to the board.”


On set of FriendRequestPending: Chris Croucher (producer), John Macmillan, PennyRyder, Chris Foggin (director), Judi Dench & Tom Hiddleston. See the film and get behind the scenes, exclusively on


Mathias Lauridsen for Gucci Pour Homme II 2007


Lee Pace - by MJ Kim at San Diego Comic Con International 2014.


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"I never had an ‘aha’ moment that I knew I was going to be an actor, it’s something I always wanted to do. When I was a kid I would play Dress-Up all the time, and then when I started to go see plays, I’d just be like ‘Yeah, I wanna do that.’ And that’s just how I always spent my time." - Dane DeHaan for The Hollywood Reporter (2013)

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